image 1 placeholder iMarkPRO is a simple-to-use, WindowsTM-based drag and drop interface. It is PC based and requires no modifications to existing applications. Grouping and sorting documents reduces postage and labour requirements while increasing productivity. There is no need for an expensive, IT-based solution; iMarkPRO is the plug-and-play answer to your inserting needs!

iMarkPRO for WindowsTM includes the following standard features:
  • Ability to sort documents within a file for the same addressee
  • Allows the user to target specific customers based on selected criteria
  • Produces marks for set or variable length documents
  • Allows full utilization of automation functions of folder/inserters
  • Ensures accuracy over manual insertion:
    • Documents of varying lengths are collated appropriately
    • Documents are inserted into the correct envelopes
    • Double document security is built in iMarkPRO sequence checks documents to verify job accuracy
  • Impact is added to mailings with selective inserting and diverting:
    • automatically include business reply envelopes and advertising materials
    • automatically divert documents, for example, statements with a zero balance
  • Maintains the integrity of the existing system by using PDF, PCL files or text files
  • Technical support available for 12 months after purchase
  • Optional support available after initial license

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